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Výstavba domu en

Výstavba domu en

The construction system Flexibuild is our own designed, conceptually simple system for building one or two-storied family houses with low energy consumption. We offer an interesting alternative in the area of living which enables to build ecological, economical, aesthetic and affordable houses. Low price, energy savings, fast construction pace independent of weather conditions, are the main advantages of our system.

Family houses are assembled from Flexibuild boards that are produced in our own factory from drink cardboard packages. The material has excellent properties and is certified for the use on the Czech market. More information can be found in the section describing the material.

9 good reasons why to choose Flexibuild building system

Affordable price Construction time and quality Energy savings
Minimal request for site facilities Simple wall facing House erection independent of a weather
Consultancy Design, engineering, house realization Customer´s service

Why is the construction system Flexibuild a new alternative in the living area?

Affordable price

  • Flexibuild houses can be purchased for a reasonable price
  • Flexibuild developed a unique system of “growing houses” which enables to build per phases according to a client´s financial situation
  • The construction system Flexibuild is designed in order to save the customer money

Construction time and quality

  • Flexibuild all-in contract houses can be built within two months, including a foundation slab (depends on a size of a design documentation)
  • Construction elements of 3.4 m2 ( 2850mm x 1190mm) in combination with a simple assembling allow us to built peripheral walls during 5 days (for example bungalow 10×10m)
  • Thanks to the dry construction system, we can build a house from foundations up to roof without operation breaks
  • Excellent airtightness and good heat-transfer properties are achieved by using a sandwich technology of construction (minimal amount of connections)

Energy savings

  • Manufacturing of whole drink cardboard packages is more energy efficient than the separating of individual elements (aluminium, paper, polyethylene)
  • Four competent workers are able to build Flexibuild house without any special tool equipment. For the construction of the Flexibuild house, only four competent workers are – eded. They don’t need any special tool equipment
  • Use of a modern construction material, technology and consistent working procedures eliminate possible energy leaking
  • Our new technology allows us to also build houses in a passive standard with energy consumption max. 15kWh/m2/ year for heating

Minimal request for site facilities

  • Due to low amount of used materials small space for storage is needed. Sandwich panels are storeyed on the foundation slab and the house is erected around the storage place
  • Only electricity and water connection are necessary. For assembling of a house, standard hand tools for wood manufacturing are used
  • Builders don´t need any other storage place for equipment, everything can be easily placed in a car trunk
  • Individual elements are easily manipulated by hand and no cranes or lifting devices are necessary

Simple wall facing

  • Any kind of tight coat with glass fibre reinforcement can be used for exterior or interior
  • Connections from the interior side can be fixed with putty only and than painted (similiarly as gypsum-board surface operations)
  • House eEquipment such as pictures, shelves or complete kitchen furniture can be simpy fixed to the Flexibuild board without using a special support construction. Pulling out of a single screw takes 55kg (strength) weight

House erection independent of a weather

  • The dry system of construction practically allows to build at any weather conditions. Assembling of a shell construction is not limited by below zero temperatures
  • Possible rain fall doesn´t influence the properties of Flexibuild boards or sandwich panels (shell gets dry within few hours). Even sousing of existing wall doesn´t corrupt the construction statics
  • Also, building isn´t threatened by dumping and subsequent freezing (water is contained only in a surfare layer, so the ice doesn´t disturb the inner structure. The binder of the individual particles in a board is polyethylene which prevents the board from water penetration)


  • Flexibuild provides consultancy during all phases of construction. Civil engineers are able to solve any technical issue that might complicate building of a house. We can also recommend the compositon of a construction, so the building has desired thermal-technical parameters
  • Flexibuild also provides 3D visualizations of an object which help customers get a precise idea of their house. The whole house can be made to measure during the design phase
  • In case of reconstruction, the Flexibuild specialists can find the best solution for every construction. Again 3D visualizations are available and any modifications are discussed with clients

Design, engineering, house realization

  • All Flexibuild products have necessary certificates for the Czech market and they passed several tests according to eurocodes. Designed construction system has been tested for fire resistance, durability, and sound attenuation
  • Flexibuild specialists prepare entire study of a future object, design documentation needed for building permission and realization
  • Flexibuild prepares thermal – technical review of a house envelope, energetical balance of an energy consumption, statical or sound protection review