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Flexibuild is a certified building material made of two cellulose-based slabs and polystyrene between them. Flexibuild boards are produced on our own production line with the help of a special technology that recycles drink cardboard packages containing polyethylene.

The characteristics of the Flexibuild material is high strength, impact resistance, elasticity and low moisture absorption. Also, the material has excellent dampening and sound insulating properties. In comparison with other construction materials, the Flexibuild is lighter and therefore easy to manipulate. Due to the base material (industrial and communal waste), it is ecological, healthy and cheaper than other materials. In the Czech Republic, this technology is new, nevertheless around the world, similar technologies are approved and used.

9 good reasons why to choose Flexibuild material

high compactness, flexibility,sound-proof low heat transmission using the joiner´s tool,coat, wallpaper, plaster
within few weeks   environment friendly material   without the emission of volatile substances
decreased moisture absorption,without changes in shape   against scratching, crumbling and mechanical destruction   saves your time and money

Why is the Flexibuild material a new alternative in the field of living?

Product qualities

  • Flexibuild boards are resistant against mechanical damaging
  • A house equipment such as a pictures, shelves or kitchen furniture can be simply fixed to the Flexibuild board without using a special support construction. Pulling out of a single screw takes 55kg strength.
  • Construction of a vault ceiling is simply realized with help of a supporting cradle. Even the diameter of arc 1,5 m can be created withouth board surface damaging.
  • The structure of Flexibuild boards ensures a high sound damping. One slab 15mm thick consumes 31dB and a 120 mm sandwich

Thermal insulation

  • Flexibuild boards have a great air-tightness (gas-tight polyethylene is used as a binder), which decreases the heat transfer losses.
  • Aluminium particles contained in the slab return some amount of radiated heat back to the interior.
  • Construction Flexibuild has very minimal heat storage properties, so the house is heated within a few minutes. When the house is empty, you can greatly reduce the heating costs by setting a minimal temperature.

Simple processing

  • Flexibuild boards are simply processible. For processing, standard wood processing tools can be applied (circular hand saw, sabre saw, electric plane, cordless drill etc.)
  • Any kind of tight coat with glass-fibre reinforcement can be used as a surface finishing for exterior or interior
  • Connections can be fixed with putty only and than painted (similar as gypsum plasterboard surface operations)

Construction time

  • All-in contract houses can be completed within two months only (foundation slab included)
  • A dry construction system allows us to built a house from foundations up to roof without operation breaks
  • Construction elements of 3.4 m2 ( 2850mm x 1190mm) in combination with simple assembling enables us to built peripheral walls during a five 5 day time (for example bungalow 10×10m)


  • The Flexibuild material is very friendly to the environment (recycled drink cardboard packages)
  • Production is exhaust-free (the boards are made by pressing at a certain pressure and temperature without producing harmful substances). We use polyethylene as a binder (binder without emission)
  • Boards are recyclable

Hygienical Safety

  • Flexibuild boards do not release volatile substances (tested and approved by Czech health authorities)

Water resistance

  • Flexibuild boards have a very low water absorption and swelling thanks to the polyethylene used as a binder


  • Flexibuild products are cheaper than other dry construction materials